knowledge or lack of it!

Something else OR nothing at all would have appeared on my FB page today. But the day I posted about this

asian vegetarian preparation

that has become our favorite comfort food, I read one more recipe from asian kitchen…made with SAGO.

I would love to prepare

Papuan sweet sago dumplings,

as mentioned in this article

Sago, An Ancient Chinese Starch, Endures In Asian Cooking 


this remains favorite…(sago pilaf – though I know it by a different name).

Many of my Gujarati (Indian) friends would remember this being cooked in their, their mothers’, their grand mothers’ kitchens on certain occasions.

Pardon my lack of knowledge…

you may have seen this dish cooked in other states of India (world too)!

E-Mail me some SAGO recipe you are familiar with, will you!?

Happy Mothers day!!

PS: maternal (feminine)

and I can not help but mention…
earth (soil)
river (water)
nature (weather)
call me ancient!! (Aryan)

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