Year 2013… Month April

This month… I came across two obituaries.

Do I know these people?

You will say, I know them via Wikipedia, google search, etc…..



When we used to watch “Archana, the sommelier” on WTTW’s (Chicago) show of last decade “Check Please”, I made a mental note of must visit/must avoid restaurants. It was a similar experience in ’70s onwards while watching/reading Siskel and Ebert duo’s movie reviews….we made our weekend’s must watch movie list.

 Roger Ebert died this month.

His wife Chaz is continuing with the event that was jointly planned with his late husband….

Ebert filmfest.

Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) that got new name in year 2000 in honor of the late film critic, the Gene Siskel Film Center. 

It would have been possible to meet Mona Eldaief in person

and watch RAFEA: SOLAR MAMA.

Ruth Jhabvala died this month.

Reading her obituary  reminded me of some of her books I had come across. I remembered meeting her daughter Renana Jhabvala years ago when she was an apprentice at a world-renowned NGO SEWAWhen I read about this year’s Cannes festival’s screening of “Bombay talkies” I had another movie in mind. No, this is not the movie I had in mind when I read about Ruth. That movie “Bombay Talkie” starred Shashi Kapoor and Jennifer Kendal of Bollywood, married young couple in real life too.

 So many memories fly by my window when I relate to these two people but I am limiting my thoughts to…things…Inspirational!!


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