digital decade

જયારે કઈ વાંચું

દરેક વખતે કઈ નવો જ

અર્થ નીકળે છે,

એવું કેમ હશે!



ન હોવાને કારણે?


In the original hand written draft of my word collection (ok,my poetry) I had carefully placed punctuation marks, as and wherever my expression needed emphasis/pause. I handed 5 typed copies of all those bundled words with punctuation marks to 5 persons from my acquaintances who were in my opinion connoisseurs of Gujarati language and waited for their comments/critique. One copy was returned promptly with comments on many pages and I felt encouraged. So I proceeded with formatting my book with self publishing tools. I also had many encouraging responses from all who received my poetry by email. My creativity was witnessed by Few who used the ‘msn chat’ and who kept inquiring about the progress. Whether I was rearranging the words on computer or collecting/searching for new words one person was always breathing down my shoulders trying to see if those words can be set to a tune. The book was ready, uploaded (on “LULU.COM”) and I was still waiting for those 4 people to say something about those pages ( if they had time to read them). No, I was not disappointed in them as I myself did not take my work seriously. It was merely a way of staying busy, creatively. One fine day I decided I have to at least get those copies back from those four people. After all I held the copyright and wanted original work back in my possession. Still “no comments” from 2, one wanted me to hurry up for its printed version. And the fifth person made a comment that made me experiment with the new version of the original work. “There were TOO many commas.”

Yes, by having them (any punctuation mark) there, I was imposing my own interpretation of where to pause, wonder, exclaim. I decided Removing not just comma but all punctuation marks and now every time I read/re-read those words they expressed some thing new some thing different from what I originally had intended. This reminds me of a quote,

“ It isn’t what people think that is important, but the reason they think what they think. ”

Eugene Ionesco

The book would have stayed unpublished, but again one summer afternoon during a poetry reading  session with family and friends, I felt some encouraging vibes. That drove me to at least order 3 copies, one for my husband and one each for my son and my daughter.

It has been more than 5 years since and now 3 years since it has ISBN. Those words written on a piece of paper were lost at times as I felt like tearing them afterwords. My daughter’s intervention at times made me feel like saving those scribbles that were not making any sense what so ever to me. But later in my spare time when I had access to computer I saved them, rearranged some words to give them meaning. In this world of computer/internet it was only through my son’s encouragement that I got hands on expertise and confidence for self-publishing these books in a language other than English. Both collections, ajanmaa-Ek Yatra and sArAnsh-A Duniya are available for purchase through as well as and downloadable through My husband still hummmms those poetries that he has set tunes to and the journey of those “WORDS” is now unstoppable.

Darshana Vaidya Mehta

my journey through this digital decade (LULU) (Amazon)

sArAnsh-A duniyA (createspace)

ajanmaa-Ek Yatra (createspace)

PS: It has been almost 9 years since one poem was sung/composed by family members at a family event.


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